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Sample Dinner Menu

Prosciutto wrapped shrimp or crab cakes Choice of Seafood gumbo or vegetable soup

Main Course
Jerk chicken and mescaline salad or grilled vegetable salad OR Filet mignon w/garlic mash potatoes & gravy OR Smoked lobster w/Caribbean rice OR Creole shrimp jambalaya Choice of grilled vegetables, French string beans, collard greens, cornbread, or dinner rolls

Peach cobbler w/French vanilla ice cream Red velvet cake w/chocolate ice cream

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Serenade & Southern Cuisine

This Valentine's Day make the evening unforgettable! Treat your beloved to an intimate home concert and meal to make your dinner table, the most exclusive reservation in the city!  Chef Jeff and vocalist Sheryl Renee present a romantic night of Southern Cuisine & Serenade.

Chef Jeff has asembled a fabulous Valentine's evening menu

Add the stunning vocals of songstress Sheryl Renee, who comes completely self contained with sound & music that spans

8 decades. Accompanist or musical tracks.

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