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Add music to your special evening or event 

Chef Jeff booked the best talent in Connecticut to play for the patrons at his restaurant, Jeff's Cuisine!  He had something for everyone, be it jazz, blues, funk , pop or gospel for JC's sunday brunch. They even offered the crowd  pleaser, karaoke. The majority of the time, the music coming from inside was from DJ Chef Jeff, pulled from his library of thousands of tunes.

Music was always a constant in Jeff’s home. A second generation musician, Jeff got his 1st drum set at age 5, and played music with his dad and brother Syrus, who both played guitar. His mom came from a family of singers. By age 9, Jeff was the “official” family DJ, playing 45’s for family functions and community events.

He would go on to play drums for numerous bands before settling in to his DJ role. 

After  satisfying you with his cooking genius,  Chef Jeff  can switch hats and DJ your event.  He can also suggest live entertainment from the many wonderful bands, groups & soloists that graced his business.    


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 DJ  Chef Jeff -

Fully equipped DJ service - Karaoke

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